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CBD oils + 20% full spectrum and broad spectrum - start of sales!

From today, the WellU offer is joined by Cannavi CBD + oils with the strongest concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) - up to 20%! 20% broad spectrum and full spectrum oils are a solution for people who require intensive support and focus on the highest quality of products. more



Premier of Cannavi by Larens from CBD line!

The customers' search for natural ingredients in cosmetics, as well as the dynamically growing cannabis market, encouraged global brands to invest in research into the properties of CBD application on the skin. more



Launch of new Cannavi oils by Nutrivi

If you are looking for a holistic way to improve your immunity, fitness, and mood, try out CBD, which naturally restores your body the state of equilibrium. Cannavi by Nutrivi CBD+ broad spectrum 5% and 10% oils join the well-known line of Cannavi by Nutrivi CBD+ full spectrum 5% and 10%. more



Nutrivi Peptide Physio Sport Drink withdrawn from the WellU offer

Please be advised that when the stocks of Nutrivi Peptide Physio Sport Drink are out of stock the product is withdrawn from the WellU offer and will not be returned to sale. Its place is naturally taken by a new bestseller - Physio Sport Peptide Complex in sachets. more



French enters!

We enter 2022 with great news. Apart from the basic features of our website, store, menu tabs, regulations, and descriptions of products, we will translate into French strategic business information as well. more