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A prescription for a long, meaningful life, throwing the plans of the biological clock.


For WellU it is the formula of the future, the most effective ally in slowing down the ageing process.

The foundation of Larens cosmeceuticals and Nutrivi nutraceuticals, an engineer of collagen in theskin, joints, tendons, bones and all organs. An effective alternative to the blade of a scalpel. It is anintelligent, holistic investment in beauty and health. A panacea for saggy skin lacking firmness andsmoothness, brittle nails, lustreless hair, brittle bones, weak joints and tendons, weakened immunity,burdensome pain and recurrent inflammation.

The effect of more than a decade of working withProf. Andrzej Frydrychowski and a source of pride, because as the only company in the world wehave a patent for the acquisition of bioactive collagen and fish peptides.

For all of us the beneficial effects of Biopeptide Complex mean: :

  • increase in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, with benefit for the skin and many organs of thebody, including bones, joints, cartilage, hair, nails and many others,
  • inhibition of ageing enzymes activity,
  • in-depth regeneration, nutrition and skin care, which under the influence of a complex of naturalpeptides, balances its texture and colour, to obtain firm, elastic and moisturized skin ,
  • stops the secretion of interleukins - the cause of long-term acute inflammation. 

Peptides are divided into three „working groups”: 

Signal peptides - give a signal about the damage and outflow of collagen, by stimulatingfibroblast activity to produce fibres supporting the skin: collagen and elastin. Collagenconstitutes 30% of the total weight of proteins in the human body, which means that in aperson weighing 75 kilograms, 15 kg are proteins, and from this is even 7.5 kg of collagen.The component responsible for an appearance untouched by time, and also participates inthe vital functions of all the organs and tissues. Assists the immune system, stopping thepenetration and spread of germs and bacteria. However, it loses the ability to reconstructafter the age of 21, thus the continuing need to supplement its deficits.

Relaxant peptides - relax the muscles, which tension results in facial wrinkles, giving theBotox effect.


Carrier peptides - transfer active substances into the skin, so that restoration andregeneration reaches the source of ailments.


Holistic support for the body.

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