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LARENS is a modern and specialized cosmeceutical brand, aimed at combating ageing skin and its problems.

It is regeneration, care and nutrition in one.

 Larens cosmeceuticals, in addition to  their anti-ageing actions, meet the needs of allergic and problematic skin, skin struggling with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis as well as destroyed by adverse effects of external factors.

The facade in the form of    is known as “the future of cosmetology” and is WellU’s prescription for an appearance untouched by time.

There are more than 70 active substances including: bioactive collagen ectoines, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, natural vitamins, extracts, oils and Nutrivi water - effectively transporting the active ingredients deep into the skin in a completely safe, non-invasive manner, but is an equally effective alternative to Botox injections and plastic surgery endeavours.

Stop the effect of the biological clock and enjoy a young appearance

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