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For use in beauty & therapeutical salons


Aqua Peel Off Mask is a product for every type of skin, in particular dry, dull and lacking firmness, with signs of ageing inadequate to the age. The complex contains substances based on alginic acids derived from kelp (a type of algae), which exhibits antioxidant, soothing and anti-inflam- matory properties. The regeneration action is also due to aloe, which helps regenerate skin cells by providing extremely important substan- ces for the skins, such as essential amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins (A, E and B) as well as complex sugars. Thanks to such composed com- ponents, the mask brilliantly nourishes the skin, maintaining the optimum level of humidity. After treatment it rapidly regains balance, becoming flexible, smooth and radiant.


A gentle milk for removing make-up, cleaning and face care with a complex of natural peptides, collagen and elastin. Perfectly removes make-up and impurities, while simultaneously caring for the skin, protecting it from moisture loss. Thanks to the presence of carefully selected active ingre- dients, it soothes irritation, slows down the age- ing process of the skin and facilitates the ability of the cells to regenerate.


A moisturising face toner with natural peptides, collagen and elastin. Perfectly cleanses and re- freshes the skin, giving it radiance. Restores nor- mal skin pH. Recommended for all skin types, even sensitive and prone to irritation.


Peeling based on acid with a complex of natu- ral peptides, collagen, elastin, soothing allantoin and squalane, which nourishes, oxygenates and reduces scarring and discolouration. Used as an introduction before care treatment, it facili- tates the penetration of active ingredients into the skin, perfectly moisturises and regenerates. It works brilliantly in caring for discoloured skin, after frequency long periods of sunbathing. Re- commended for dry skin and prone to keratosis. Gives the skin a healthy colour, brightens and smoothes it. The skin flaking process is norma- lized and wrinkles become shallower.


A revolutionary peptide spray exhibiting strong regenerating, soothing and nourishing actions. Provides long lasting protection against external factors. It rebuilds and restores to the skin and hair the appropriate level of moisture and flexi- bility. Thanks to the presence of colloidal silver it has antibacterial actions, alleviates irritation and tones the skin. The spray contains the world’s only revolutionary complex of bioactive fish collagen peptides (Biopeptide Complex), which determines the spectacular anti-ageing effect of the cosmeceutic. Biopeptide Spray used during the active phase of the treatment makes the skin recover balance and the optimal level of mo- isture, becoming elastic, smooth and soft to the touch, so that it looks fresh, young and radiant. Irritations and sunburns are immediately allevia- ted and wound healing is accelerated.


A gel mask with a complex of natural peptides. Stimulates natural cellular renewal, nourishes and tones the skin. Perfectly moisturises and nourishes, leaving a pleasant feeling of smooth- ness. The collagen mask creates a protein net in the skin so that the skin does not lose mo- isture, and the cells become firm and stimulated to produce their own collagen. The skin rapidly recovers flexibility and a healthy appearance – wrinkles are shallower, and the ageing process of the skin is slowed down. The product is re- commended for both young and mature skin, which restores the effect of mechanical tension. Ideal for skin care after sunbathing.


A moisturising and smoothing day cream desi- gned for face and neckline care. Ideal for people whose skin needs long-lasting moisturization, the feeling of comfort and softness every day. The cream due to its very light texture, perfectly absorbs and strengthens the skin’s lipid layer, protecting it against moisture loss. It protects the skin from the adverse effects of external factors, and also eliminates the effects of stress and fatigue. Lubricants – depending on the indi- vidual needs of the skin – are gradually released, to then create long-lasting moisture reserves. In this way the skin retains an optimal level of moisture throughout the day, rapidly regains ba- lance, becomes flexible, smooth and soft to the touch, and looks fresh, young and radiant.


The highly concentrated serum peptide is inten- ded for intensive treatments using a medical ap- paratus (i.e. microneedle mesotherapy) as well as manual application after intensive treatment. It contains a valuable complex of fish collagen peptides which regenerates, stimulating the skin to repair and synthesis its own collagen. So- othes irritations and gives the skin firmness and a young appearance. Due to its carrier – Nutrivi hexagonal water, after application immediate and long-term hydration in all layers of the skin occurs, and active ingredients are transported to all the layers of the skin, including deep layers. The skin after application becomes smooth and nourished, firm and toned.


A lifting mask with a complex of natural fish col- lagen peptides designed for face and neckline care. Rich in lifting components, the preparation for a long time tightens, nourishes and intensi- vely moisturises the skin, smoothing both surfa- ce and deeper wrinkles. Prevents redness, bri- ghtens spots and discolourations, aligning skin tone. Lifting Cream Mask PRO is recommended for all skin types, especially for skin that is ma- ture, tired, dry and lacking firmness, with deep wrinkles and discolourations. Immediately after applying Lifting Cream Mask PRO, the skin rapi- dly recovers its firmness and elasticity, and wrin- kles and fissures are less visible. The skin takes on healthy colours, while spots and discoloura- tions are less visible.


A cream with a complex of natural peptides improves blood flow and skin tone; it firms, moisturises and refreshes the skin’s overall appearance. It is recommended for all skin ty- pes, especially for mature, tired and dry skin. Thanks to the dense consistency rich in active ingredients, it is ideal for face, neck and neckline massage. The cream intensive moisturises, no- urishes and rejuvenates the skin by restoring its firmness and healthy appearance. Its regular use stimulates the basal cell layer for systematic re- newal. Perfectly nourishes and cares for the skin, restoring its firmness, elasticity and vitality. Skin under the care of Massage Face Cream becomes relaxed, soft to the touch and supple.


An incredibly effective cream for the treatment around the area of the eyes with natural pep- tides and added venom’s extract. Relaxes and in- hibits muscle contractions, prevents the forma- tion and deepening of already existing wrinkles. It acts by levelling micro-contractions and thus suppresses mimic wrinkles. Perfectly moisturi- ses, tightens and gives a lifting effect to the skin by making it supple and perfectly smoothed.


Surface chemical exfoliation with a complex na- tural peptides, it is ideal for boosting health and elimination of skin imperfections. It is the mixtu- re of two acid types: 5% mandelic acid and 5% pyruvic acid (pH 1.1). The result of the peeling is the levelling of the skin and its colour, the re- duction of fine lines, acne reduction, seborrhea reduction, narrowing of conspicuous pores and the overall improvement in the skin’s condition.


Product designed for body and face massage. Suitable for both relaxation treatments and rehabilitation. A combination of wholesome olive oil, high-quality argan oil, and the benefi- cial properties of vitamin E provides intensive nutrition and immediate regeneration. The rich components will meet the needs of the dry and particularly demanding skin. The pleasant fra- grance and silky consistency that does not block the pores, makes the use of the oil effective and pleasant – both for the person receiving and gi- ving the massage.


A revolutionary gel compress-mask for a face. Contains highly concentrated active ingredients: complex of the bioactive growth factors from a plant BIO-Placenta, regenerative fish collagen peptides contained in the Biopeptide Complex and lifting oligosaccharides in the form of a Phytodermina Lifting®. 

Deeply moisturizes, provides lifting effect, by gently tightening the skin and lifting the face contour, noticeably smoothens the skin – wrinkles become less visible, skin becomes delicate and smooth to touch, it evens the skin colouring, the face becomes visually brightened, rested.

Product awarded with the title “Innovation LNE 2019” of the 39th LNE Congress and Fair – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques

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