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The original WellU training system was created by prominent experts in the fields of developmentand career planning.

The fruit of their work and commitment is a multi-level training system adaptedto the environment of the organization and the realities of the market in Central and Eastern Europe.

Key benefits of the WellU training system

Custom made

 As a Business Partner you get the tools and acquire the skills that you need in your currentstage of development.

It's the effects that count!

 It is not going through training that is important, but putting your knowledge into practice.Training is an unprecedented opportunity to deal with situations that you can face as aBusiness Partner. This is do that all your actions would be the most efficient and organized.

Individual approach

 In addition group training workshops, you'll have access to individual coaching - working oneon one alone with a trainer corresponding to your situation, personality and needs.


To meet your requirements to the greatest extent, we organize internal training for WellUworkers, developing skills to help you in action.