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Fish Collagen, Peptides and Aminoacids

Abundance of active ingredients

For over a decade WellU scientists lead by professor Andrzej Frydrychowski have been conducting a research in a field of obtaining active substances contained in the skin of fresh- and saltwater fish

The first substance that caught their attention was the bioactive collagen, which, due to its properties, was used in cosmetology with brilliant results in respect to improving the firmness, moisture, and elasticity of the skin.

In the following research, the emphasis was placed on peptide chains and free amino acids that were obtained in the process of collagen extraction. It was discovered that they were responsible for the brilliant results of the products that contained them. And thanks to the small, compared to collagen’s, size of their molecules, they are able to affect the skin in its deeper layers.

Biopeptide Complex - the foundation of Larens

WellU scientists created a product that’s unique on a world’s scale – a formula of bioactive oligo- and polypeptides of fish collagen – Biopeptide Complex, which became the foundation of the Larens Peptidum products.

The key to peptides’ therapeutic properties is the process of obtaining them from fish collagen.

The method of so-called ‘cold extraction’ was discovered by prof. Frydrychowski and patented as unique. It allows to obtain the material and preserve its biological activity and availability.

The other factor responsible for the high efficiency of products with containing fish collagen peptides is their adequate, high concentration in the recipe.

That’s an essential advantage of Larens cosmeceuticals that contain up to 100 times the amount of peptides that could be found in products of different brands.

Larens Professional Line

Created specifically for professional beauty salons, the Larens Professional line is a set of products that contain few hundreds of biologically active natural fish collagen peptides obtained from selected fresh and saltwater fish. The concentration of the Biopeptide Complex and other active ingredients in the Professional line is higher compared to their equivalents from the regular, Larens Peptidum line


Mostly they are short protein chains, ranging from 7 to 29 amino-acids deriving mainly from three protein groups: decorins, lumicans, and histones. What makes them stand out is their positive influence on skin. Among other things, they are responsible for regulating cell processes and intercellular communication, as well as transporting active ingredients deep into the skin, which is significant for its correct functioning.


Larens Professional products are not only about the unique method that preserves the bioavailability and incredible efficiency of the main active ingredient. They also stand for the highest quality and opulence of other ingredients contained in formulas developed by WellU laboratories with special attention to efficiency and immediate results.


Fish collagen peptides exhibit intense anti-ageing activity. Thanks to their strong energizing properties they stimulate skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. They are helpful when dealing with skin blemish – they brighten and improve the skin colour. Their cosmetic use results in firm skin, filled furrows and creases, as well as mitigated irritations. Due to their properties, such as the ability to stimulate skin protein synthesis, peptides are also used in the treatment of dermatological diseases.


A lot of research and scientific work focused on investigating and proving the efficiency of fish collagen peptides, together with consequent rewards and recognitions in the fields of cosmetics, cosmetology and dermatology, place peptides among the most desirable active ingredients. Thanks to the method patented by us, which is unique on world’s scale, we are able to offer quality, value, and possibilities that are marking a New Era of Collagen.

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