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New in from Larens! Say no to discolourations with ANTI SPOT FACE CREAM

Are you fighting spots, discolourations, uneven skin tone? The sustainability of effects of your efforts to achieve even skin tone depends mainly on home skin care. Discover new items from Larens – ANTI SPOT FACE CREAM – a cream reducing discolourations with pigment controlling formula. more



Possible delays in shipment delivery

The busiest months of the year for online sales are fast approaching. Your shopping carts are full of products and our hands are full. This is as it should be! more



8/12/2023 - planned inventory

We would like to inform you that an inventory will be held at the WellU store on Friday 8/12/2023. The need to check the inventory will not affect the operation of the WellU online store. more



Liquid concealer Larens Colour Matte 03M in new capacity

Dear Customers and Business Partners! We would like to inform you that as of today you will find Larens Concealer Matte 03M liquid concealer in a smaller, more practical 10 ml bottle in our store. more



Change in Micellar Lotion packaging

Micellar Lotion will be available in new packaging from today. more



The most awaited premiere of this autumn! Peptide set for the start to the Larens adventure

Those who were with us at September's WellU Gala already know, those who missed the event – will find out now. The hottest premiere of this autumn from the Larens brand – the Peptide Basic Beauty Set – from now on available at more



WellU in Hungary - official opening of the Hungarian market 14.10

WellU is thriving in Central European countries. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia... Now it's time for Hungary! We are pleased to announce that as of today, WellU has officially started its activities in another European country! The grand opening of the Hungarian market is just underway at Budapest's Continental Hotel. more



Technical break in the operation of the website: 11.10 from 10.00 a.m.

In connection with the implementation of the WellU website update, we have scheduled a technical break in the operation of the website on Wednesday, October 11, from 10.00 a.m. until the afternoon hours. more

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