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Fight for the figure that you desire with Turbo Reductor and a free package of Good Life Vital Pro!

Springtime finally! This is the ideal time to start the fight for a “better version of you”. For this path to be easier, and not to wait too long for the results, we have the perfect deal for you. We are starting the Turbo Set promotion! more



What can Revicoll Omega Plus + Vitamin K2MK7 do for your health?

Revicoll Omega Plus + Vitamin K2MK7 is an amazing product on the market. Why? What can you expect after regularly using Revicoll Omega Plus + Vitamin K2MK7? Check this out! more



Discover the duet Repair Gel and Thermo Active and enjoy the effects!

How to use the preparations in the set and what benefits can you expect from this duo? more



The exhibition “Woman with scars” is already for viewing in the Tricity

On the last Tuesday of the year, we hosted in Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowym [Gdynia Film Centre] the inauguration of the exhibition “Woman with scars” by Fundacja Poparzeni [The Burn Foundation]. more



Now on sale! Revital Men Face Cream Gel - everything a man needs for facial skin care

We are pleased to announce that from TODAY, 09 December, the new improved version of the men's skin care product returned to the shop! more



Serum Hair & Body Repair Spray Qltowy Concept 2016!

We are rushing to inform you that from today our Serum Hair & Body Repair Spray carries the title of Qltowy Concept (Qltowy Koncept) 2016! Jury chose our revolutionary spray from over 70 competitors for revolutionary biopeptide complex! more



The headquarters of the WellU Anti Ageing Institute is the best Beauty SPA in Poland 2016!

Let the good news get around! Our friends from the Hotel&Medi Spa Biały Kamień, where we opened our first WellU Anti Ageing Institute were declared the best Beauty SPA in Poland 2016! more



Świąteczna paczka dla Domu Samotnej Matki

Zespół WellU w roli posłańca Świętego Mikołaja sprawdza się wybitnie :) W ubiegły poniedziałek odwiedziliśmy mieszkańców Domu Samotnej Matki w Gdańsku ze świąteczną paczką. Potrzeby placówki - gdzie nie spojrzeć - są ogromne (szybciej byłoby powiedzieć czego nie brakuje). Postanowiliśmy wspomóc mieszkańców zbiórką rzeczy, których w tej chwili potrzebują najbardziej, by zapewnić im możliwie spokojne Święta. more

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