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New in from Larens! Say no to discolourations with ANTI SPOT FACE CREAM

Excess production of melanin, a pigment in the skin, results in the emergence of irregular pigment clusters on its surface: spots, freckles, discolourations. The triggers for their emergence vary and are usually linked with the activity of UV rays. Such lesions exacerbate with age and are often remnants of skin diseases, acne or atopic dermatitis. Sometimes they appear in large numbers as a result of hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, hormonal therapy or the use of contraceptives.

If your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation, spots and freckles are rather unwanted guests on its surface, it’s worth extending your daily skincare routine by a preparation that will not only provide a daily dose of hydration, nourishment, and regeneration, but will also fight discolourations. 

ANTI SPOT FACE CREAM is a lightweight daily use cream for skin with uneven skin tone. 

Specially developed PIGMENT CONTROL FORMULA uses three substances recognised in cosmetology and dermatology as being extremely effective in lightening blemishes, evening out skin tone and inhibiting excessive pigmentation:
• kojic acid – inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for the formation of discolourations
• vitamin C – in two most stable forms for lightening and antioxidation
• bakuchiol – also known as plant-based retinol – effectively and safely exfoliates the epidermis, evening out skin tone

ANTI SPOT FACE CREAM is a version of the professional cream intended for home use. It’s a must have in daily care routine of a skin prone to discolouration. For we believe prevention, namely daily care and skin care habits, is the key to successful therapy.

The results obtained by the test group of ANTI SPOT preparations are astonishing: lightening properties for discolourations of various origin, evening skin tone and caring properties were assessed at the level of around 80%, no skin irritation cases were reported, 100% satisfaction with application properties and 100% will to purchase products from the line.

When used regularly, it proves to reduce pigmentation spots of various origins: hormonal, acne scars, sun scars, age-related. 

It absorbs excellently, works perfectly as make-up base, has subtle fragrance, and its NOI (Natural Origin Index), so the content of ingredients of natural origin amounts up to as much as 93.8%. 

That’s what you’ve been waiting for! Fight discolourations with ANTI SPOT FACE CREAM >>> 
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