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Jak vypadají originální balíčky zabalené v skladech WellU?

Dostáváme zprávy o zásilkách objednávek, které se k Vám dostávají v pochybném stavu. Jsme se rozhodli mimo jiné připomenout, jak vypadají originální balíčky zabalené v našich skladech more



Larens w 129 numerze magazynu branżowego LNE

W najnowszym, 129 numerze LNE nie zabrakło silnej reprezentacji treści na temat marek Larens i Larens Professional. Koniecznie zaopatrzcie się w swój egzemplarz! more



Larens Professional Vials in new packaging

We change for you. As we announced during the WellU 2020 Gala, vials from the professional line change the packaging and volume. more



New! LipoColl Serum and LipoColl Serum PRO - more than collagen

Meet our two hottest premieres: LipoColl Serum and LipoColl Serum PRO. The world's first collagen peptides in liposomes. more



New edition of the iconic Larens peptide serum

With incredible joy and immense delight, we have observed the results that you obtained during the last few months. You must know that: what we see, gives us wings, and those allow us to fly really high and develop dynamically. And they also bring moments like this one, when the premiere of the new product packaging, the first one in line, needs to be rescheduled from January to November, as the entire old packaging product stock has been sold out 2 months sooner than we have expected! more



Yet another award for Larens Professional! Anti Acne Vials with the Innovation Statuette of the 40th LNE Congress and Cosmetology Fair

The last weekend spent at the Cracov LNE fair and congress has turned us into really busy bees attending countless meetings but has also brought us a lot of pride and joy. more



Slim Food Lite - the flavour just got better!

The September's premiere - Slim Food Lite with an extra dose of fiber, plant protein and richness of healthy fats excluding the trans ones, will become tastier. more



And what about you? Got your WellU Gala 2020 ticket yet? Buy it until 1st of December and pay less!

Time is running out! Only 3 weeks left to purchase tickets for the International WellU Gala 2020 at special early bird price! more

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