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Announcement! On August 15, the Polish office of WellU will be closed

We want to inform you that the Polish office of WellU will be closed on August 15. more



Birthday promotion -20% extended!

Attention, attention, this Tuesday morning we come to you with an important announcement - Rafal Pudyszak's birthday promotion -20% on all products* from WellU's offer will still last today (11.07) until 12.00! more



Peptimag Complex - interruption in product availability

This year marks a particularly hot beginning of June - and not only because of the fabulous weather. The atmosphere was heated up by our new Nutrivi diet supplement, Peptimag Complex. Already on the first day of sale it achieved huge, magnetic success. In less than 24 hours after the launch, you purchased over 2,000 packages of Nutrivi’s brand new diet supplement. more



Milder taste of Get UP+

Quick energy boost in good taste? No problem! Coming to the rescue is our reliable Get UP+, a Nutrivi brand dietary supplement that will be available in slightly milder flavour from today. more



Another shades of Larens Colour concealers are available in new capacities

Dear Customers and Business Partners! We would like to inform that as of today, another two shades of Larens Colour Liquid Concealer - Glow 02G and Matte 01M - will be available in new, smaller and more practical bottles of 10 ml. more



Refreshed Travel-size Beauty set

Dear Clients, starting today, the trusted companion of every holiday trip – the travel set of our Larens cosmetics – will be available with a new composition. more



The magnetic success of Peptimag Complex!

Dear friends, congratulations, you have become the World Champions! We have been expecting a great sales success for the new dietary supplement, but what happened after the launch has exceeded our expectations and estimates. In less than 24 hours after the launch, more than 2,000 packs of Peptimag Complex have been purchased! more



Video series „Get More from Nutrivi” – get to know our dietary supplements better

Are you wondering what is unique about Nutrivi products? The answer to this and many other questions related to our dietary supplements can be found in the series of expert videos "Get More from Nutrivi”. more