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LARENS cosmetics

Proven antiaging effects and pleasure in use

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Revolution in anti-ageing treatment. A carefully composed set of two Larens signature products:

Serum Face, Hair & Body Repair Spray 150 ml
Syn Ake Eye & More 15 ml

Each one of them created to support you in your quest to obtain young, healthy, nourished and moisturized skin. Together they do more.
Peptide Physio Sport Drink is a nutraceutical created to support the functioning of cartilage system, joints and skeleton. It contains a unique composition of natural origin extracts in their best digestible forms that synergistically complement each other. 
Fixing and regenerative mask for nails and cuticles. Thanks to the presence of bioactive fish collagen peptides and a range of amino acids, it regenerates, smoothes and strengthens nail plate and the cuticles around it. Perfect as a regenerative treatment after a manicure.

Peptide gel for the face, neck and neckline with lifting and anti-wrinkle action. Product based on a unique formula of Biopeptide Complex  and Nutrivi water. A multifunction cosmeceutical extremely rich in bioactive substances, including a complex of several hundred natural, biological active peptides, derived from selected species of freshwater fish, collagen, silicon and vitamin C. Selected ingredients stimulate the natural rebuilding of collagen, nourish and soothe irritation, reducing visible signs of ageing. 
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Slim Food Classic Acai 18 bars

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Slim Food Classic Mix 18 bars

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Slim Food Classic Cherry 18 bars

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Slim Food Classic Coconut 18 bars

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Repair Gel 200 ml

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