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Collagen Peptide Face & Body Wash – even more peptides and electrolytes for your skin

Revital Shower Gel, a nourishing face and body gel wash, is changing its name to Collagen Peptide Face & Body Wash. We have increased the number of fish collagen peptides in the Biopeptide Complex product to make it even more adjusted to face-washing needs. more



Meet 4 fantastic new Larens Colour brushes, created for special tasks

Larens Colour Blusher, a blusher in two vibrant colours, you can apply it over clear Lip Balm, creating gorgeous colours on your lips. Wet-applied eyebrow shadow will create epic, natural lines. But... Larens Colour multifunctional cosmetics require special tools. Here they are! more



Christmas kits at WellU - kick off!

Ready for Christmas? Yes, yes, we know it's only October. We'd love to get you feeling the magical atmosphere of Christmas at WellU as soon as possible, so we're launching Gift Sets now. more



3 mini-kits products at great prices - for VIPs only! ✌

Another special offer for beneficiaries of the VIP Premium Class programme is starting! This time, those who place regular orders and keep active min. 48 weeks, can order 3 attractive sets of mini versions of Larens bestsellers. more



We are expanding New Horizons: a voucher for Malta in the program!

Are you taking part in the New Horizons programme? If so, then you will certainly enjoy the extra bonus that has been assigned to this program. more



Welcome the premieres of the WellU Gala 2022

Discover the innovations that sped up the heartbeat of Gala 2022 attendees! After the celebratory premieres organised at the event, now you can experience the results of months of work by the WellU design team up close. more



Forum Biznesu Dziennika Gazety Prawnej docenia potencjał Physio Sport Peptide Complex

O Physio Sport Peptide Complex, suplemencie diety marki Nutrivi, przeczytacie w czerwcowym numerze Dziennika Gazety Prawnej. Jak pobrać wersję online "Gazety"? Sprawdź! more



Physio Sport Peptide Complex limited edition available in the WellU shop

Physio Sport Peptide Complex in sachets has disappeared temporarily from the online shop. We cannot imagine the longer unavailability of this indispensable product, that is why you can buy the limited edition of Physio Sport Peptide Complex in doypack at a bargain price from today. more