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The company's business policy for Sales of products on portals auctions and marketplace

In accordance with the company's business policy, WellU does not allow preparations of the Larens, Larens Colour, Nutrivi, Cannavi, Cannavi by Nutrivi, Cannavi by Larens, Dental, and in particular preparations intended for professionals: Larens Professional were sold on auction portals, multisales platforms and marketplace channels, such as Allegro, Amazon, Akuro, for example, eBay, Empik, Ceneo and the like. more



Aż trzy Oskary SPA and Wellness dla Hotelu i Medi-Spa Biały Kamień!

20 marca 2023 r. w Hotelu Marriott Warszawa odbyła się Wielka Gala Perfect SPA Awards 2023. Event odbywa się cyklicznie, a najlepsi eksperci w kategorii SPA spotykają się na nim, aby wzajemnie docenić swoje coroczne wysiłki w dostarczaniu najwyższej jakości usług swoim gościom. more



Announcement: disruption in order processing on 22.03

Please be advised that on 22.03 due to the implementation of the new product storage system there will be a break in order processing. more



Last chance to buy dietary supplement Nutrivi Turbo Reductor

We would like to inform you that with the depletion of the stock of the dietary supplement Turbo Reductor, the product is being withdrawn from WellU's offer and will no longer return to sale. more



We know the winners of the first stage of our Multicontest Madeira 2023!

We know the winners of the first stage of our Multicontest Madeira 2023. We already know who will be awarded with Vouchers and who receives a guaranteed consolation prize. more



Business like no other! January 2023 - 60% increase in turnover, 4-fold increase in sales of selected products

We often say that the heart of our business and its engine are the products. Our engine is the dream of every builder; it has been the most powerful tool for creating business since the company's inception WellU business. After strengthening the design of the business vehicle itself, WellU's turnover - comparing January 2022 to January 2023 - increased by as much as 60%. more



Premiere of new films in the series "Get More From Nutrivi"

What are the uniqueness and products of the Nutrivi brand based on? You will find the answer to this and many other questions related to our nutritional supplements in the latest expert video series, ”Get More From Nutrivi”. more



Difficult contact with the office on 13.02 from 10.00-12.00

We would like to inform you that on Monday 13.02 between 10.00-12.00 contact with the office will be difficult. more

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