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The next stage of the Intensive line packaging metamorphosis - GLA in a new bottle!

As we know, biotechnologically advanced products require an exceptional setting. As of this very day, GLA, another bestseller, joins the TOP cosmetics of the Larens brand in elegant and functional glass airless packaging. This cosmetic also has a new name. Intensive GLA Serum will from now on be known in Larens offer as Intensive GLA Face Cream.

GLA. Cream or serum?
The name change is a nod to the company's strategic TOP Leaders, who reported a communication problem to us. It turns out that for many of your customers, a "serum" is a cosmetic that is used temporarily (not as a daily skincare routine) and requires intermittent use. Well... There are many definitions of the word serum. According to the one most commonly accepted as the most accurate, a serum is a cosmetic product made up of highly concentrated active ingredients. In this interpretation, GLA definitely qualifies as a serum. However, we have decided to change the name, since the name "cream" is intended to make your clients use this cosmetic more frequently and with greater conviction.

Airless glass packaging
Airless packaging is a bottle with a special mechanism that allows the product to be pumped without exchanging air with its surroundings. It is the safest and extremely hygienic way of packaging cosmetics.
This packaging system has many advantages, which you have already read about several times, and the Polish part of Larens brand supporters got to know the advantages of our airless packaging also from the 140th issue of "LNE" magazine. The most important of these are:

The entire product does not come into contact with our hands; we only touch as much emulsion as comes out of the dispenser. This prevents bacteria from getting into the cosmetic, and we don't have to remember about the cream spatula.

Uncompromising quality protection
When dosing the product, no air enters the bottle, which protects the cosmetic against the development of microorganisms and oxidation of active ingredients. The packaging ensures the highest quality of the product throughout its entire lifetime.

Good for the Earth
Beautiful and efficient to use, the bottles are also equipped with an innovative "Eco-Lock" system that allows the used packaging to be disassembled for a more efficient recycling process. How it works. The glass jar contains a thin bag with a dispenser and a small stick, around which the bag shrinks. When you have used up the last drop, simply twist the pump with a decisive movement - this allows you to remove the plastic part of the dispenser together with the inside. Glass should be disposed of in glass, plastic in plastic waste.

You will use the rich, thick cosmetic to the very last!
The most important thing about GLA is that airless packaging allows you to dispense even very thick creams that cannot be handled by ordinary pumps. You no longer have to worry about how to get the rest of the product out of the bottle - all the cream will be dispensed no matter how often you use it or in what position you hold the bottle.
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