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Shine this summer with Body Shimmer!

Are you ready to glow? 

Body Shimmer is a cream body highlighter that will give your skin a spectacular glow and a touch of sensuality. Thanks to subtly sparkling pigments, your skin will glow with vitality and beauty whileminor imperfections on its surface will become less visible.

What sets Body Shimmer Larens Colour apart? 

The shimmering formula of the lotion includes more than 96% of naturally-sourced ingredients, and light-reflecting illuminating particles are 100% natural. Apply the product all over the body or accentuate selected areas - arms, cleavage, legs. And because Larens Colour is more than makeup, Body Shimmer, in addition to the eye-catching glow effect, will give your skin a little bit of care.

Don't miss out on this brand new product! 

This summer, your makeup bag just can’t do without this item!

Note: Body Shimmer is available as a limited edition product - don't waste time and grab one for yourself today! 

Body Shimmer can be found HERE >>> 

It's going to be a wonderfully bright summer with Larens Colour! 
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