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Last chance to buy dietary supplement Nutrivi Turbo Reductor

We would like to inform you that with the depletion of the stock of the dietary supplement Turbo Reductor, the product is being withdrawn from WellU's offer and will no longer return to sale.

We decided to say goodbye to this product based on our observation of your preferences purchase preferences. While sales of other dietary supplements are steadily increasing, Turbo Reductor has enjoyed little popularity. Its extinction is therefore a natural consequence of these trends.

We expect that some of you will miss the natural fat burner from Nutrivi. Instead, we are preparing for you at the end of the summer an innovative preparation on a European scale, which will get great reviews - so good that you will quickly forget your fondness for Turbo Reductor. We are sure of this because we are currently researching its effectiveness.

Turbo Reductor's stock has fallen below 100 units, so if you have been putting off buying it for the future, now is the best time to place your order.

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Why use Good Life Day & Night in place of Turbo Reductor?                                                  

In place of Turbo Reductor, as a support for your workouts, we recommend Good Life Day & Night and Get UP+. What do you find in Good Life Day and what effect does it have on people who want to lose weight, have a super-conditioned, and train competitively and as a hobbyist?

ASHWAGANDHA, known as "Indian ginseng," is a super-adaptogen that increases the tolerance of the body to chronic stress and tension - both physical and mental, increasing strength and vitality. Influences on increasing the body's capacity for exertion, improving coordination psychomotor coordination.

KURCUMA contributes to lowering cholesterol and glucose levels, relieving indigestion Stomach, and speeding up digestion.

PIPERINE is known for its properties supporting digestive processes, metabolism, action antioxidant, and tissue oxygenation.

MOUNTAIN ROSE - the root extract of this Siberian plant is a natural adaptogen, it is used in states of chronic fatigue, and stress and to support overall mental and physical health and for improving mood. It significantly supports the effectiveness of physical training, and contributes to increasing endurance, thanks to the effective use of metabolic reserves.

There are indications that rhodiola rosea supplementation before planned physical activity can increase energy, but more research is needed to scientifically confirm such an effect. In addition to this Rhodiola rosea also has anti-inflammatory properties, so during intense exercise, it exercise also protects our muscles.

Interesting fact: already many decades ago, scientists of the former USSR became well acquainted with the extraordinary properties of mountain rhodiola. They already knew that it adds energy, and improves the mood and physical performance of the human body.

CHINESE CORDICIPES - a fungus growing wild in Tibet and Nepal known for centuries in Chinese medicine. Its active substances increase the concentration of ATP, adenosine triphosphate - a high-energy compound, a source of energy, significantly improving the use of oxygen by the body. Hence the use of the plant for increasing physical endurance, better recovery after exercise exertion, increase the vitality of the body and eliminate the symptoms of the so-called chronic fatigue syndrome. fatigue. It is a source of adenosine, which participates in the synthesis of the high-energy compound ATP, thus enabling effective muscle work during training. In turn, cordycepin supports the synthesis of proteins and anabolic processes.

SYNEFRIN derived from bitter orange extract is a mild stimulant and a a natural thermogenic - speeding up metabolism and therefore aiding weight loss. It contributes contributes to reducing appetite, supports calorie burning and lipolysis processes. It is also credited with detoxifying and cleansing properties.

GOOD LIFE NIGHT - two algae and hops cones - detoxifies, cleanses the body of products of metabolism, toxins, traps free radicals, all while you sleep. With Good Life Night you regenerate after workouts.

For Good Life, join Get UP+, the perfect pre-workout drink

GET UP+ affects mental and physical performance. It is an ideal substitute for coffee - it stimulates, invigorates, and reduces fatigue without burdening the body with an excessive dose of caffeine. Supplements B vitamins and magnesium, which are washed out by it. GET UP+ in a perfectly digestible liquid form brings a perceptible surge of energy and oxygenation.

MORSHIN - thanks to, among other things, the extract from sea-buckthorn (a marine alga), which has a positive effect on the digestive system helps maintain a normal weight, contributes to maintaining normal intestinal functions, contributes to normal energy metabolism, helps increase the feeling of satiety and maintain a normal weight.

Fucus supports regular bowel movements, supports intestinal transit, and helps maintain optimal digestive comfort.

COMPLEX MAGNESIUM + B GROUP VITAMINS + GUARANA (caffeine) is to support and maintain favorable, efficient energy metabolism; puts you on your feet, facilitates the daily "start", and helps in states of fatigue, physical and mental fatigue.

B GROUP VITAMINS - virtually every B vitamin present in Get UP+ contributes to the following. maintain normal energy metabolism, and therefore contribute to reducing feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

GUARANA SEED EXTRACT facilitates weight loss as part of a weight loss diet, traditionally used for weight control, traditionally used to contribute to fat metabolism, which in turn helps control body weight, strengthens immunity, and contributes to reducing fatigue.

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