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Physio Sport Peptide Complex limited edition available in the WellU shop

Physio Sport Peptide Complex in sachets has disappeared temporarily from the online shop. We cannot imagine the longer unavailability of this indispensable product, that is why you can buy the limited edition of Physio Sport Peptide Complex in doypack at a bargain price from today.

Physio Sport Peptide Complex in sachets

We are currently facing difficulties in the packaging market that did not exist in the pre-pandemic reality. The lack of product availability is caused by an unexpected increase in the production time of the dietary supplement sachets. We are working on a solution at an affordable price that will secure the availability of dietary supplement packaging in the future and will not affect the final price of the product.

Physio Sport Peptide Complex Limited Edition. Limited edition product in doypacks

A replacement, limited edition version of Physio Sport Physio Sport Peptide Complex in doypacks is now available in the online shop - the one you could buy in the pre-release version. This solution is temporary and will be valid until the sale of the promotional edition of the product.

The price of the limited edition of Physio Sport Peptide Complex will be 15% lower than the regular price of this product.

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