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Nutrivi Peptide Physio Sport Drink withdrawn from the WellU offer

Please be advised that when the stocks of Nutrivi Peptide Physio Sport Drink are out of stock the product is withdrawn from the WellU offer and will not be returned to sale. Its place is naturally taken by a new bestseller - Physio Sport Peptide Complex in sachets.

Why did we decide to change the form and formula of the drink to the version in sachets? After adding a record amount of freeze-dried collagen to it - as much as 650 mg in one serving - it would not be possible to seal the product in the bottle. Fish collagen lyophilisate is a specific substance - it dissolves very slow. In the complete liquid there would be unsightly lumps, preventing the dosing of the product and making it difficult to eat. The loose form, poured with water, allows dosing and easy consumption of the daily dose.

In addition, in the new Physio Sport Peptide Complex, the concentration of active substances (including new, unique components, supplementing the health-promoting effect of the formula) is so high that when closed in a bottle, they would create a sediment, constituting as much as 1/5 of the bottle. This would make it impossible to eat the dietary supplement.

The sachet form has many other advantages as well. The sachets can be stored longer because the powdered dietary supplement is not exposed to external factors such as temperature and light, which means that it retains its properties for a longer period. You can take the daily dose of the supplement in a sachet with you wherever you want.

We would like to invite everyone who has not yet met the new Physio Sport Peptide Complex closely to try the new version of the dietary supplement.

We also remind you of the footage of the new supplement:

See the video:
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