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Gazelle of Business 2021 & e-Gazele of Business 2021 for WellU!

Gazelles of Business 2021 for WellU!
WellU company once again it has been included in the prestigious group of the most dynamic Polish enterprises from the SME sector! We are in 462nd place in the national ranking (from 4490 positions) and in 41st place in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Gazelles of Business is the oldest, most reliable and most popular ranking of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland. „Puls of Business” has been organising it continuously since 2000, carrying out the mission of supporting enterpreneurship. The ranking is based on the most objective criteria – financial results, and participation in it is free of charge. The pressence in the ranking means that the company belongs to the elite of small and medium-sized companies – not only is it dynamically developing, but also transparent. 

E-Gazelles of Business 2021 for WellU!
E-Gazelles of Business ranking is classification of the most dynamically developing small and medium e-commerce companies. Since 2014 „Puls of Business” published the „e-Gazelle of Business”ranking for the first time, in which the most dynamically developing companies tranding on the Internet are awarded.  WellU was again included in the overview list! 

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