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Dermo Wash Face & Body changes its packaging and capacity

The Dermo Wash Face & Body got new packaging with a flip-top, inspired by the shape of the Larens make-up removal cosmetics. 

The packaging of the Dermo Wash Face & Body is a bottle you got familiar with during the premiere of Collagen Peptide Face & Body Wash (old Revital Shower Gel).

The packaging holds 200ml of the cosmetic, and along with the capacity, the product's price is also reduced. The 200ml Dermo Wash Face & Body does not have an unnecessary carton, making it an ecological solution.  

Currently the retail price of the Dermo Wash Face & Body is 83.60 PLN / 20.90 EUR / 530 KCZ / 20.39 GBP. The product has a value of 6.5 points. 

You can buy a pump for Dermo Wash Face & Body in the new packaging (same pump as Larens Repair+ Milk). For the sake of the environment, the pump is sold separately. The less plastic, the more health and green there is! When you use up the product, unscrew the pump, wash it, and transfer it to a new Dermo Wash Face & Body bottle. You buy it once and use it all the time! 

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