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A Multi-competition in which you can win a trip to a land of eternal spring – START!

It is an island of eternal spring and a flower festival called the floating garden. Only here will you see fantastic tree ferns, orange-blooming tulip trees, as well as different species of orchids, multi-colored hydrangeas, lilies and violets. Let yourself be carried away into a world of abundant nature, breathtaking views and picturesque towns.

Do you already know where we will take the winners of the 2023 Multi-competition? It is the Portuguese island of Madeira!

What do you have to do to come with us to this magical place?

The Multi-competition consists of 5 consecutive stages, each lasting 6 weeks. The first stage starts today (January 7th) and will last until February 17th, 2023. To come with us to the land called the floating garden, you need to win one of the first 10 ranking places (with a minimum of 100 points in the whole Multi-competition).

How do we award points?

We have simplified the qualification rules for you so that they are understandable and easy to explain also to new business partners. For registering a new personally referred business partner with a first order of min. 50 points, you receive 1 point in the competition. For your own purchases and those of your personally referred customers for the min. of 50 points, you also receive 1 point in the competition. Points in the competition are awarded regardless of when the business partner registration took place. In other words, you will also receive points in the competition for the first business partners’ orders who have registered BEFORE the current competition stage starts.

Ready for a thrill, competition and fun? Who will already finish in the top ten and keep their leading position to their rivals at the end of the race? We keep our fingers crossed and wish you the best of luck!
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