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Shop FAQ

To place an order, you log on to the system, and

  • Go to the SHOP tab, place the products you want to the cart.
  • Go to shopping cart.
  • Check the correctness of the order, or select and confirm your selection of awards and click NEXT.
  • Fill in the correct data of the ordering party and the shipping address. If the buyer orders products on an invoice, you should mark it and give the necessary information to issue an invoice. Select the correct delivery method and payment method.
  • clicking “Next”.
  • check that all data has been entered correctly and place and order clicking “Purchase”.

If an order has been placed incorrectly, it can be cancelled in the virtual office under the tab “Your orders”. This option is available when the order is placed with the payment option “Traditional bank transfer” and has not been paid yet. In addition, the user must have the status Business Partner or Professional. In other cases, it is necessary to contact the sales department.


Information about current promotions is in the tab “Special Offers”. There you will find the current promotions for products offered by WellU.

A deferred delivery order can only be made by selecting the payment option “Traditional bank transfer”, “On-line transfer” and “On-line card-payment”. After selecting one of the above options and marking a shipping method, a window appears where you can select the date for the fulfilment of the order. In accordance with the regulations, it may not extend a period of 7 working days, from the date of completing the order.

The client receives the shipment within 2 working days from the moment of sending. Orders are made on an ongoing basis, and the customer can check the status of the order in the system. After completion of the order the customer receives by e-mail a message that the package was sent, together with the bill of lading number.

Orders accepted for realization cannot be changed. It is possible to cancel it (see question no. 2) and re-compile its contents. After placing an order, you can also place another order. A submitted order cannot be edited in any way.

Payment for the order must be recorded on the bank account within 7 days. After the expiry of that time-limit the order will automatically be cancelled. Please note that payment is understood as recording of funds on the company’s bank account, and not the moment of sending payment.

Nutrivi nutraceuticals

The active ingredients contained in the NUTRIVI brand diet supplements are only natural plants extracts with carefully selected properties. The other ingredients are not biologically active. The capsule in which the supplements are enclosed is produced from fish gelatine. Magnesium stearate, a biologically inert substance, fulfils the role of an anticaking agent. There is no scientific research showing its negative impact on the digestive system. Titanium dioxide is a natural (mineral) pigment, used widely in the food industry. Currently WellU is working on next-generation nutraceuticals, which consists of only natural substances – also filling.

Peptide Power drink is a unique product with wide activity. The protein, peptides and amino acids as well as other natural ingredients have a positive impact on human health. One of the effects of Peptide Power drink is arousal, not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Consumption of the product should be closely consulted with the doctor overseeing the pregnancy.

Peptide Power Drink is a unique composition that consists of several bioactive peptides and amino acids enriched with organic raspberry juice, chokeberry juice and ginger. The potassium sorbate used in the Peptide Drink is of natural origin, just like all the other components of the drink.


The detailed composition of the Peptide Drink is found on the label. It contains valuable protein, peptides and amino acids derived from fish skins. This is the only such product on the market providing biologically active molecules. It should be treated as a foodstuff with a special purpose. Persons with varying health conditions should first consult a doctor in case of doubt regarding the consumption of the drink.

Certificates, research, technology

WellU conducts a series of studies on the impact of Larens’ preparations. Among them was conducted the following:

  • Collagen growth on cell cultures using the SIRCOL test method. The research was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2012 in the Medical University of Wroclaw. The results obtained showed an increase in collagen up to 671%, which is a unique effect on a global scale.
  • A cytotoxicity test using the MTT method comparing the cytotoxicity level of individual preparations. The results obtained showed that Larens cosmetics stimulate collagen synthesis, while also inhibiting cytotoxic activity.
  • Research on the blood supply of hands with the ADR method after using Nutrivi water, which is a component of Larens cosmeceuticals. The result of the study is a significant improvement in the blood supply of the hands.


As the only producer in Poland, the WellU Group is allowed to produce consumable collagen from fish. This information can be confirmed on the website of the Main Veterinary Inspectorate – in the section “Manufacturers”.

Our original fish processing technology allows us to keep all the unique properties concealed in ingredients. Fish skin, from which are created unique WellU preparations, are derived from inspected and verified sources. The process of obtaining them is a part of the technological processing of fish which results in the use of all their parts. As a manufacturer we obtain from this process the skin of selected species of marine and freshwater fish.

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