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WellU Gala 2022 - Business like no other

Gala WellU

August 26, 2022 (Friday),
at 3:00 PM
August 28, 2022 (Sunday),
at 1:00 PM

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Freyova 33
19000 Praha 9, Czech Republic

We invite you to the WellU Gala 2022, which will take place on 26-28 August, for the first time in golden, Czech Prague. It is not the only special circumstance. The second one is that during the 2022 Gala we will float … on the waters of the blue ocean… Wait, what? The ocean in Prague? Yeah, well, anything is possible with WellU.

The most important organisational information about WellU Gala 2022

The WellU Gala 2022 will take place in Prague, at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague on August 26-28, 2022. The event will consist of the following parts:

      all-day Saturday conference

      evening gala dinner with a party

      Sunday morning conference

What types of tickets can I buy?

“Premium” ticket - a ticket for the entire event with accommodation, a party and gift pack

Ticket price: 260 / 220£ 

Tickets sale until August 7, 2022

Limit: 400 people


The “Premium” ticket includes accommodation from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday with breakfast. You will be attending a conference with lunch and coffee breaks. You are going to play with us at a fantastic party after the conference, and on Sunday we will meet at the second part of the conference with the lunch.

Those with Autoprogram WellU cars are provided free parking in front of the hotel throughout the event. 

Price of parking for other guests: 400 CZK/day. 


Where is the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague located?

The hotel is located 10 minutes by metro from the centre of Prague, next to the Vysočanská metro station. There is a shopping centre on its premises. Full address: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Freyova 33 street, Prague, 190 00, the Czech Republic.


In the hotel, for those who have purchased a ticket, there will be double, air-conditioned, renovated rooms, Free parking for Autoprogram Participants and tasty breakfasts. During the conference part, we plan a longer lunch break and coffee breaks. There will be a Gala and dinner in the evening.


Where can you find information about the event?

We invite you to join our event on Facebook. That’s where you will find out the most. We will keep you updated with the latest news, useful information, and photos from the preparations. You can invite your team to the Facebook event, let them also be as close to the event as possible!

Go to the event! >>>

Conference and evening gala dinner

Ocean in Prague

During the conference, we will immerse ourselves together in the blue tone of the ocean. The peace and silence, which you will find there are conducive to moments of reflection. We will tell you true stories about many shades of blue, from which many business sharks were born. The deep can surprise you! You will see for yourself that WellU also has a place in this amazing aquatic ecosystem. Does it sound enigmatic? You will find out more soon enough!

"Business like no other" conference

For the slogan of our event, we chose the phrase “Business like no other”! Why such a motto? During the event, we would like to show you how WellU differs from network marketing companies and from companies from the wellness industry. We are creating a new quality, which means that we have no competition. We are unique! Our goal for the WellU Gala 2022 is to inspire you to tell everyone about this uniqueness with ease.

How am I supposed to dress for the conference part?

The image plays a huge role in business. The event will be recorded, it is a great time to take pictures yourself or with the help of a photographer of the event, which you will later use on social media. Therefore, we encourage you to prepare a Business Formal or Business Casual outfit.


The evening gala dinner in the style of the Great Gatsby

The ‘20s in New York were a period of economic prosperity, prohibition, bloodletting, great financiers, jazz and unprecedented challenges. This is the time when the path from shoeshine to millionaire was the shortest. We invite you to a wonderful dinner and party in this climate! After a crazy party like this, you will see that success is propinquitous.

The evening dinner will take place in a beautiful environment inspired by the era, and will finish with dance on the dance floor with exceptional music. We will not reveal more details yet!

How am I supposed to dress for dinner and a party in the evening?

At Gatsby’s party, the outfit should shine, sparkle and flicker. You can complete the accessories or the whole outfit if you like. Details such as an impressive boa, a feather band, a small hat, a pearl necklace or a long cigarillo are great. The organisers from the WellU Team will ensure that even inexhaustible people receive an accent that is compatible with the era during the dinner.

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Freyova 33
19000 Praha 9, Czech Republic

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