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Dr Jolanta Nalewaj-Nowak: "Nutrivi"

Product webinar

December 7, 2021 (Monday),
at 8:00 PM
December 7, 2021 (Monday),
at 9:00 PM

Product webinars in Polish are held on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Depending on the availability of the presenters, the webinar will cover one of the following topics each week:
  • Larens White Cosmetics,
  • Larens Professional white cosmetics,
  • Nutrivi dietary supplements, 
  • Cannavi by Nutrivi,
  • More Than Make UP. Larens Colour, 
  • New products on offer. 
The title of the webinar is announced on the WellU business fanpage:

Why is it worth attending a product webinar with us?
  • Depending on the title of the webinar, you will learn about our wide range of cosmeceuticals, colour cosmetics, dietary supplements and find out what makes our offer stand out in the market. 
  • You will learn what benefits Larens, Nutrivi and Slim Food products will provide to you and your clients.
  • You will come to know why it is worth getting to know them up close and becoming our Beauty & Health Expert!
  • We will teach you how to tell clients about Larens, Nutrivi and Slim Food products in an understandable and simple way.

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