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Nutrivi Peptide Holistic Drink 750ml

A dietary supplement containing a unique composition of 4 extracts, 100% of natural origin, in the most digestible form for the body. The combination of Biopeptide Complex, a source of bioactive fish collagen peptides, acerola and wild rose extracts - a source of natural vitamin C and silicon-rich bamboo extract, Turmeric curcumin, black pepper piperine, ginger. Peptide Holistic Drink is a unique, complete composition created for every day, all-embracing health support for the entire family.
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Perceiving a human organism as an integrated entity, elements of which influence each other and need to be taken care of – it’s a fundament of a holistic approach towards health. According to its assumptions, regular care should be extended to the entire organism and should not be limited to reacting once a certain part of it is weakened.

Peptide Holistic Drink in a balanced way supports the functioning of the organism in accordance with the holistic idea. It’s an unmatched source of fish collagen amino acids and peptides of 100% natural, best digestible origin of proven regenerative, energizing and antioxidant properties. The presence of synergistically combined vitamin C from acerola and horsetail silicon in high concentration supports the action of amino acids. Curcumin and the piperine that strengthens its actions are ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties, so important in anti-tumor prophylaxis.

Peptide Holistic Drink is a unique, complete composition created for every day, all-embracing health support for the entire family.

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Supports the functioning of the immunity system. Higher infections resistance, faster post-disease recovery
Protection against the free radicals. Anti-tumor prophylaxis. 
Slowing down the ageing processes. Contributes to inhibiting the activity of the ageing enzymes (metalloprotein). 
Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain-killing properties
Strengthening hair, skin, nails, gums, blood vessels and other organs built of collagen protein
Strengthening the skeleton, cartilage system and joints. It facilitates regeneration after treatments, injuries

Biopeptide Complex 
Fish skin solution, containing a variety of amino acids, fish collagen peptides and decorin, lumican and histone peptides. A set of concentrated biopeptides made from skin of selected species of fish is a source of highly-assimilable (up to 98%) amino acids, contributing to the rebuilding of proteins in the body and skin, such as collagen and elastin. They help regenerate and prevent inflammation and pain. They slow down the aging processes and improve immunity.

Wild rose extract standardized for 70% of vitamin C
Wild rose (Rosa canina) is one of the richer sources of vitamin C, necessary for the synthesis of collagen. Just one to three fruits can cover the adult's daily requirement for this vitamin. A rich source of flavonoids, anthocyanins, pectins and organic acids that enhance the absorption, intensity of the effect and protection against decomposition of vitamin C in the extract. Wild rose fruit extract is characterized by its high antioxidant properties, it promotes immunity in the state of weakness, fatigue, stress. It enhances the walls of the blood vessels. 

Bamboo extract standardized for 70% of silicon
Bamboo (Bambusa Shreb.) - an extremely rich, natural plant source of silicon, one of the most important trace elements.  Silicon plays an important role in the formation and functioning of bone, connective tissue and cartilage structures. The element affects the condition of the hair and nails. It also helps treat inflammation of the skin, acne vulgaris and rosacea and as a participant in the synthesis of collagen it accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis.
Bamboo silicon is the most digestible form of silicon found in nature. In addition to silica, young bamboo shoots are rich in many other valuable ingredients such as amino acids, minerals, saccharides, proteins, vitamins, rhamnose, tyrosine, arginine, and flavonoids.

Acerola extract standardized for 5% of vitamin C
Acerola (Malpighia glabra L.) is a rich source of natural vitamin C, accompanied by synergistically cooperating bioflavonoids. Vitamin C, which is involved in the biosynthesis of collagen, has a significant impact on maintaining a healthy and desirable skin condition: it increases its density, stimulates blood supply, brightens discoloration and slows down the aging process. It contributes significantly to the healing of wounds and is helpful in the elimination of adult acne.

Curcumin contained in turmeric is, at present, one of the strongest and most promising natural substances with a proven record of supporting the fight against tumors. Its antioxidant, detoxicating, anti-inflammatory and lipophilic properties facilitate curing of inflammations accompanying tumor diseases, contribute to the acceleration of wound and ulcer healing. The combination of the turmeric extract with black pepper piperine provides the best results, as according to sources, such composition increases the digestibility of the curcumin even 1000 times. 

Significantly increases the digestibility of the curcumin, selenium, group B vitamins and Beta-carotene, supports metabolism, influences the reduction of inflammations and sensation of pain, helpful in healing periodontal pathologies. 

Improves blood circulation, stimulates digestive processes, supports the immunity system, increases concentration and mental performance, is rich in anti-inflammatory substances. 


Biopeptide Complex, Rosa canina extract – standardized for 70% vitamin C, acerola extract – standardized for 25% vitamin C, b amboo extract – standardized for 70% silicon, turmeric extract – source of curcumin, black pepper piperine, ginger, pressed juice of apples, chokeberry and raspberries, Finnish xylitol - a natural sweetening substance from birch

Optimal consumption is about 50-100 ml per day without dilution or after mixing with water, if necessary add juice or fruit syrup.

Before and after opening of the bottle keep it in a dry, not sunny place (room temperature, not in the fridge). After opening, consume it within 14 days.

The presence of ginger and piperine provides the product with a strong, slightly spicy and warming flavour that could be unpleasant for children and people with milder taste. 

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