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Hair Repair Shampoo 200 ml

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Repair shampoo for all hair types based on the Biopeptide Complex formula and Nutrivi water, does not contain salt. The balanced action of natural peptides, keratin and a vitamin complex (vitamins A, E, H and B5) strongly rebuilds damaged hair structure and fills losses. The shampoo gives hair the appropriate level of moisture, flexibility and a healthy appearance. Keratin, which has a strong rebuilding action inside damaged hair structure, fills losses and rebuilds affected parts of the hair, causing them to regain elasticity and a healthy appearance over the entire length. Recommended especially for brittle, splitting and over-dried hair needing intensive regeneration. The combination of an advanced vitamin complex, keratin and Biopeptide Complex allows maintaining the hair's proper moisture content and their in-depth regeneration at the cellular level. A cleansing formula that intensively moisturizes the hair from the root to the tip and controls frizzing of dry hair.

The shampoo does not contain: salt, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, SLES & SLS or artificial dyes.

Active ingredients

Biopeptide Complex - Contains a valuable combination of oligopeptides and polypeptides, which provide immediate and long-lasting moisturization in all the layers of the skin. Peptides are used to carry active ingredients into the skin, thus strengthening the hair, stimulating the bulbs to produce long hair stems. They have energizing properties, stimulate skin cells to produce collagen and elastin, and revitalize hair follicles so that hair becomes shiny and resilient.

Keratin - Its purpose is to regenerate damaged hair, i.e. to supplement the shortage of natural ingredients that build the hair structure. In connection with this, keratin is intended for dry, brittle, matte and destroyed hair, for example, after chemical treatment.

The effects of keratins

  • the hair is considerably strengthened;
  • its volume is increased;
  • become shiny;
  • moisturizes the hair and makes it softer;
  • seals hair cuticles and regenerates split ends;
  • prolongs curling after a perm;
  • makes strands resistant to mechanical damage, including those arising during combing;
  • improves the state of the scalp due to the sulphur content, which has antifungal and soothing actions (eliminates, among others, dandruff);
  • protects against the harmful effects of oxidizing agents, dyes and perming agents;
  • acts as a shield of protection - prevents the adverse effects of UV light and wind.

Vitamin H - Prevents seborrheic dermatitis as well as increases the activity of sebaceous glands. This vitamin contributes to increased hair growth by stimulating vitamin absorption in the body and improving cell growth.

Vitamin B5 - Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is particularly important in the protection of healthy hair. It has an essential role during cell division in hair follicles, therefore, its presence is essential for proper hair growth. Additionally, this vitamin is also one of the natural ingredients of the hair's building blocks responsible for its mechanical properties (e.g. strength and elasticity). It is also an important component in adhesives, filling in the spaces between cells and maintaining the appropriate moisture of the hair. Vitamins from the B group prevent seborrheic dermatitis and associated with it inflammatory skin changes weakening the hair.

Vitamins A and E - Vitamin A accelerates the cell renewal cycle and affects the proper construction of keratins, from which the hair is constructed.  Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant fighting free radicals, protecting capillary blood vessels supplying the hair with nutrients to protect from damage. It expands thin capillaries, which makes it easier to supply the hair follicles through blood. Particularly important for hair is vitamin A, which is contained in shampoo. Its ingredients assist in hair growth and protect them against diseases as well as adverse weather and environmental effects. Both vitamins counteract skin ageing.

Directions for use

Wash the hair, gently massaging the scalp. Leave the foam for a few moments and thoroughly rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary.


  • Gently cleanses hair without affecting their natural protective barrier
  • The innovative formula of the shampoo provides gentle cleansing of the hair and exceptional mildness for sensitive scalps
  • The shampoo helps regenerate damaged hair, penetrating directly into the most damaged areas and completely restores their structure
  • Thoroughly cleanses
  • Deeply regenerates and moisturizes
  • Limits the “frizzing” effect
  • Gives the hair a silky softness and smoothness  


 Aqua, Sodium Lauroyl Sacrosinate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Coco Glucoside, Cocamidopropylamine Oxide, Citric Acid, Hydrolyzed Keratin, PEG-20 Castor Oil, Propylene Glycol, Alcohol denat., Zea Mays Oil, Aesculus Hippocastanum Seed Extract, Calcium Pentothenate, Inositol, Retinol, Rosa Moschata Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Biotin, Polyquaterium-10, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Collagen, Elastin, Collagen Amino Acids, Elastin Amino Acids, Arginine/Lysine Polypeptide, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, PEG-90 Glyceryl Isostearate, Laureth-2, Sodium Benzoate, Potasium Sorbate, Polysorbate-20, Parfum, Citronellol Hexyl Cinamal, Butylphenyl Metylopropional, Linalool 

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