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Business Weekend 2019

Business Weekend

September 7, 2019 (Tuesday),
at 10:00 AM
September 8, 2019 (Friday),
at 12:00 PM

Arche Hotel Częstochowa
Oleńki 20
42-200 Częstochowa, Poland

Let us invite you to the Business Weekend 2019!

Business Weekend is an annual event that gathers an international crowd of people linked to WellU. It’s an event dedicated to the community of Businesspartners, both, experienced, and beginners, for the health and beauty enthusiasts, fans of Nutrivi, Larens and Slim Food products, MLM business professionals, experts in the fields of beauty&health, cosmetology, medicine, and, last but not least, WellU employers and Associates. 
During this event, we concentrate on talking about business in WellU. We summarize the results, gather experiences, and distinguish the motivational successes of our Businesspartners. It is also a time for exclusive, hot products premieres, together with the accompanying expert panels. We will also conclude the multicompetition and finally find out, who will go to Mexico!
The day filled with business shall always be topped by the moments of relaxation and joyful fun. And so, the festive evening dinner and the dance party is something that the Business Weekend participants look forward to just as eagerly. 
Also this year, we couldn’t even imagine that You wouldn’t be joining us. That’s why we are launching the sale of the Business Weekend 2019 tickets today! This time the event will take place in Czestochowa on 7-9th of September 2019. 

What to expect from this year’s meeting? Have a look at the handful of information below: 

When? 7-8.09.2019  (Saturday-Sunday)
Where? Hotel Arche Częstochowa, ul. Oleńki 20, 42-200 Częstochowa, website: 

The maximum number of tickets for purchase with secured accommodation at Arche Hotel: 220
This limit has been introduced due to the limited number of rooms in the hotel. Should more than 220 people be interested in participating, we will provide them with the accommodation at the Mercure Hotel, situated 1km away from the Arche Hotel. 

Tickets: available for purchase until 25.08.2019! 

Early bird price (available from the first day of sale until 7th of July):
72 Euro / 63 GBP with a purchase of 100 P for a BP 
95 Euro / 83 GBP for others
Regular price (available from 8th of July until 25th of August):
84 Euro / 73 GBP with a purchase of 100 P for a BP 
107 Euro / 93 GBP for others

The Business Weekend 2019 ticket includes: 

accommodation in a double/twin room from Saturday to Sunday (7-8.09.2019)  
conference with coffee breaks and lunch (on Saturday 7.09.2019)
elegant dinner combined with a DJ party + open bar (Saturday 7.09.2019)
breakfast (Sunday 8.09.2019)
access to the Relax Zone (2 saunas and jacuzzi)
Premiere Giftpack

! The ticket does NOT include the transportation nor the accommodation for the night Friday-Saturday (6-7.09.2019)
The outside hotel parking is free. On the hotel side you shall also find a large paid parking (18 PLN/day).

Framewrk programme:           

Saturday, 7.09.2019         
10:00am - 12:00pm >>> opening of the WellU check in
12:00pm - 3:00pm >>> 1st conference panel
3:00pm - 4:00pm   >>> lunch
4:00pm - 6:00pm   >>> 2nd conference panel
6:00pm - 8:30pm   >>> free time
8:30pm - 3:00am   >>> festive dinner combined with a DJ party – elegant dress code

Sunday, 8.09.2019  
7:00am - 10:00am >>> breakfast
Until 12:00pm   >>> room check out

Business Weekend 2019 ends on Sunday after breakfast.
The Saturday dinner will be an elegant, gala one. We ask that you dress elegantly - suits, dresses, etc. 
The room check in is available from 2pm. Check out ends at 12pm. 

Important information regarding the ticket purchasing procedure: 

The Business Weekend 2019 tickets can only be purchased via the EVENTS tab on our website.
Businesspartners making a purchase in our store of at least 100 P can buy the tickets at the discounted price. 
When making a purchase of a least 100 P a Businesspartner can buy maximum 2 discounted tickets - these can be used by the Businesspartner (a registered person) and plus one (the plus one does not need to be registered). When making a purchase worth multiple of 100 P, the number of available discounted tickets proportionally increases (for the purchase of above 200 P one can buy 4 tickets, for the purchase of above 300 P - 6 ticket etc.)
Tickets for others will be available in the EVENTS tab. Those tickets are available for Businesspartners, Clients, and unregistered people. 
Purchased tickets can be paid for with: traditional transfer, credit card, online transfer, and the Paylution system. 
If choosing a traditional transfer: for the ticket to be valid, the transfer has to be registered by us latest on the 7th day (from the date of purchasing the ticket) until 2:00pm. All the payments registered on our account later will be returned to the owner’s account and the ticket will NOT be valid. We encourage you to pay for the ticket latest on the 6th day from the order date. 
Please consider your purchases carefully, as returns shall not be accepted.  
Information about accommodation and food preferences will be gathered over the phone. 

Terms of buying Business Weekend 2019 tickets at a promotional price  

The possibility of buying Business Weekend 2019 tickets at a promotional price depends on making a purchase worth a minimum 100 points. The size of the order determines the number of promotional tickets available for purchase, in accordance with a list below:
- 100-199 p -> max 2 promotional price tickets
- 200-299 p -> max 4 promotional price tickets
- 300-399 p -> max 6 promotional price tickets
- 400-499 p -> max 8 promotional price tickets
- 500p and more -> max 10 promotional price tickets

The option to buy promotional tickets for a single order in the above value range exists for 14 days counting from the order date in the EVENTS tab. In order to buy more promotional tickets, one must first use the possibility earned with the previous order. 
## Example
1. An order of 100p. was made. It gives us a right to purchase max. 2 promotional tickets within the period of 14 days. Another order of 100-199p value made within those 14 days will not give us a right to purchase 2 more tickets. 
2. If the right to purchase tickets from the first order is used, the process can be repeated with the order of the same value range.
3. If within those 14 days one makes an order from a different value range, they gain a right to buy more tickets (eg. 4 tickets for the order of 200p.).

Feel the energy of meeting people connected by WellU, be with us at the Business Weekend 2019. See you in September!

Arche Hotel Częstochowa
Oleńki 20
42-200 Częstochowa, Poland

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