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Welcome to WellU Rewards programme!

WellU Rewards is a programme rewarding WellU Business Partners for so-called good business practice, i.e. those activities that are carried out regularly and lead to the development of the business and subsequent promotions in the WellU career path. 

For the implementation of specific actions (a detailed list is below) you receive so-called WellBucks, which after you collect the appropriate amount, you can exchange for prizes. 

The current status of the account is used to exchange WellBucks into prizes.

The historical balance reflects all the WellBucks received from the beginning of participation in the programme. On its basis you obtain further levels representing the level of your commitment. 

You can track the status of your account and the current ranking on the following pages in this section.

For what will you receive WellBucks (WB)

Within the framework of the programme you don’t need to learn anything new or perform any new actions. You are rewarded for performing ordinary Business Partner activities. 

  • For the presence of a guest at a thematic conference (health, beauty, Design) who does not possess a WellU account - 10 WB
  • For obtaining a completed questionnaire at a conference - 10 WB
  • For registering a new Customer or Business Partner along with the first order - 10 WB
  • For your own purchasing activity - 100 WB for at least 500 p of personal turnover over twelve months period, starting from the date of first order.
  • Obtaining the next level within the framework of WellU Rewards - 100 WB
  • Participation for the first time in a WellU Gala - 500 WB
  • A Business Partner's birthday - 100 WB

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION #1: Whether or not the guest at the event has a WellU account or have already participated in a similar event is checked by email address. It is therefore important to reserve a seat with a valid email address, unique to the person concerned.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION #2: To receive WellBucks related to WellU conferences, use the online event management system available under the EVENTS tab.

How you can exchange WB for prizes?

In the WellU shop you will find a special category “WellU Rewards prizes”. Products in this category you can purchase in exchange for the WB that you have. This works the same as the purchase of a “normal” product - you are adding it to the cart with other products you buy. 

You can only order the prize together with “normal” paid products. 

We invite you to be active!

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