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Do you run a beauty salon? Are you working with WellU products? Are Nutrivi and Larens preparations high among your favourites, taking up at least 70% of the shelf space in your salon? Do you have a place in your list of spa services for new, original WellU treatments? Are you participating in the life of the company or would like to be more connected with us? Are you interested in what else we can still do together? 

We have proposition for you to cooperate on the basis of the Partner Salon, under the banner of a WellU Partner. We have envisaged for you a special agreement – to learn about the benefits and mutual obligations arising from such a partnership -> read the Terms & Conditions of a WellU Partner Salon.

Terms and conditions – click to download

You can join us and become the next unique point on the map of salons with the WellU Partner logo.  One of them is the salon Piękne Ciało (Beautiful Body) in Opole, which initiated the idea of Partner Salons as places which proves the effectiveness of anti-ageing preparations with the revolutionary complex of fish collagen peptides.  Places that offer at your fingertips easily accessible, comprehensive skin care services for everyone who desires to have a young, vital appearance and has high requirements regarding the effectiveness of the preparations and methods used.

For more information we encourage you to contact our Partner Salon Department at: gabinety@wellu.eui

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