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The premiere - Bio Renew Serum in a new package!

An innovative serum with a rich, 100% natural composition, from today available in the WellU offer in a new airless bottle with a pump and in a new box.
Evolution! Getting higher…
  • No air enters the bottle - protection against the growth of microorganisms and the oxidation of ingredients.
  • The cosmetic does not come into contact with your hands; harmful microorganisms will not get into the serum.
  • Ease of use - the cosmetic can be applied from the bottle even by holding it upside down. 
  • The packaging ensures the highest quality of the product at all times of use.
  • Zero Waste! - you can use the cosmetic up to the last drop.
  • Eco-solutions - easier to recycle
  • An elegant frame for the Larens brand.
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