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Serum Face Repair Spray with ectoin has moved to the Dermo series

Your already known Serum Face Repair Spray (100 ml) enriched with ectoin has changed its name to Dermo Serum and by doing so has moved to the Dermo family, which characterizes itself with the already mentioned ectoin content and the Organic Plus formula.  

The product also got its look changed - it will now be available in an atomizer bottle with a recognizable red detailing. 

The same composition and serum's properties! We've made some small changes as far as the recipe is concerned. We've tried to make its scent weaker and more pleasant than the one you may associate with the previous version.

Surely many of you will be happy to know that we've reduced the price! From now on you will pay 99 PLN / 25 EUR / 690 Kč  (retail price) for 100ml. The point value is set to 7 P. 

The Dermo series dedicated to a skin 'requiring special treatment' now contains 3 products: 

So if you were a fan of Serum Face Repair Spray with ectoine, now look for Dermo Serum with a red label in our e-shop!


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