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The time has come for the winter sale of the Peptide Beauty Drink – buy it with 20% off!

We’ve got some good news for you:

The winter sale of the Peptide Beauty Drink has started – 20% off the price and the points value!*

* Keep in mind – short expiration date!

You don’t know Peptide Beauty Drink yet?

A dietary supplement containing a unique composition of 4 extracts, 100% of natural origin, in the most digestible form for the body. The combination of Biopeptide Complex, a source of bioactive fish collagen peptides, acerola and wild rose extracts - a source of natural vitamin C and silicon-rich bamboo extract is a recipe for beautiful, healthy young skin, strong hair and nails.
Drink has a delicate, slightly lemony flavour. 
You can read more about its properties >>>here<<<

Catch the occassion!  >>> Proceed to the shop<<<

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