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New! LipoColl Serum and LipoColl Serum PRO - more than collagen

Meet our two hottest premieres: LipoColl Serum and LipoColl Serum PRO. The world's first collagen peptides in liposomes.

LIPOCOLL SERUM 50 ml (in price of 30 ml*) - concentrated skin care serum with 20% Liposomal Collagen Complex content. 99,98% natural ingredients. Larens - for home use. 

LIPOCOLL SERUM PRO 15 ml - highly concentrated skin care serum with unmatched, 50% Liposomal Collagen Complex content. 100% natural ingredients. Larens Professional - for professional use. 

What is Liposomal Collagen Complex?

Innovative combination of natural fish collagen peptides and amino acids contained in liposomal carrier that delivers them into deeper skin layers, intensifying and prolonging their effects. 

Provides an immediate wrinkles shallowing effect and noticeably densifies the skin structures, initiates long-lasting regeneration processes.

  • visible shallowing and reduction of the wrinkles (also visible in the USG examination)
  • skin is densified, saturated with collagen protein, its regeneration is stimulated (also visible in the USG examination)
  • lifting effect
  • ultra-moisturizing effect
  • protective effect, strengthening the skin

The liposome shell is made of a lipid bilayer that is identical to the skin lipid bilayer, intensifying the transdermal transport of the substances contained in the liposomes and prolonging their release - products with liposomal collagen work stronger and longer. It guarantees that the substances reach the deeper skin layers, where the collagen proteins action processes take place.