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Meet BB Cream - yet another Larens Colour premiere!

After the series of pressed cosmetics, the time has come to introduce the liquid products from the Larens Colour brand. Please meet the absolute premiere, silky, colouring BB Cream.

Larens Colour BB Cream is a silky, beautifying cream - Beauty Balm type. It combines the unique Larens care with a gentle colouring effect. It improves the skin colouring in a natural way, assures even, radiant complexion throughout the day. 

Thanks to the richness of more than 20 natural active ingredients it moisturizes, firms, and nourishes the skin with a mineral injection.

evens the colouring, refreshes, brightens up 
in a natural way improved daily skin looks, without burdening it
perfect for delicate, subtle makeup
moisturizes, revitalizes, nourishes the skin 
soothes irritations, reduces their visibility 
over 94% of the BB Cream ingredients are substances of natural origin
contains natural sun filters
allows the skin to breathe, does not clog the pores

More than makeup
Larens Colour is more than just makeup. It’s a well-harmonized union between the quality care of Larens cosmetics with colour. It’s a combination that you can trust, we do have a lot of experience when it comes to skincare. 

The fusion of makeup, care, and the art of rejuvenation 
We have decided to place our bet on makeup that reveals the female beauty, while also responding to the needs of the skin. For our BB creams, we have selected over 20 active ingredients of natural origin that moisturize, provide a lifting effect, protect, and even exhibit antibacterial, soothing, and anti edematous properties. Many of the are absolutely unique, like our own Liposomal Collagen Complex, golden algae, extracts from sea lavender and jasmine flowers.  

Makeup that does not deprive your skin of breathing
The light, non-comedogenic formula allows the skin to breathe, does not burden it. It is also significant that 94% of ingredients in Larens Colour BB Cream are of natural origin.

Durability and power of makeup
Larens Colour reveals the women’s beauty, instead of covering it. It combines the virtues of durability, great pigmentation, and fabulous concealing properties without a mask-effect. 

Application properties of no compromises
We know well how important is the comfort of use in makeup. Hence, we have left no room for compromise when approaching this issue. That’s why you won’t find any synthetic cyclic silicones in Larens Colour BB Cream. Their job is performed by dimethicone, skin and environmentally friendly silicone obtained from silica. 

Nature power
Yes, as much as 94% of Larens Colour BB Cream ingredients come from nature, and while composing our cosmetic formulas, we kept far from toxic emulsifiers and solvents, preservatives, allergens, artificial filters, ammonium derivatives, skin irritating alcohols, aluminum, PEGs, microplastics and nylon, parabens and PVP.

Feel beautiful with Larens Colour! 

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