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Larens cosmetics not tested on animals

In relation to the ongoing discussing about cosmetic producers that test their products on animals, we would like to remind you that
Larens and Larens Professional cosmetics have never been, are not and will not be tested on animals.

Why won't you find "Not tested on animals" or "Cruelty free" type indications on our packaging?
Because it doesn't comply with the EU law.  The European Union prohibits animal testing and that restriction applies to all the producers that sell cosmetics in the EU. Therefore it should be treated as a kind of a norm, of which, according to law, one is not allowed to inform on the packaging. It could had been treated as a sign of an unhealthy competition, suggesting that the products indicated as not tested are superior to those that are not.

We would like to assure all those interested in the topic and once more emphasize: you can still, in full accord with your conscience, use and recommend Larens and Larens Professional products and be sure that no animal has suffered during production.

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