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Get the iconic collagen-peptide face gels cheaper by 30%!

The end of the promo: 8.6., 11:59 PM!
Larens Collagen-peptide face gels are unique on the market. The high concentration of bioactive fish collagen peptides in Biopeptide Complex, collagen and other active substances brings a multitude of beneficial effects to the skin, making these formulas a must-have, the basis of your skin care with Larens.
 Now you can get them 30% cheaper*!

  • a peptide gel for face, neck and chest with strong lifting and anti-wrinkle properties. Selected ingredients stimulate the regeneration of natural collagen, they nourish and soothe irritations, reducing the visible signs of aging. Just after the first application, the skin regains the right level of moisture, becomes smoothed and elastic.
  • a collagen-peptide face gel containing high concentrations of active ingredients, including colloidal silver and silicon - substances that specifically respond to the needs of sensitive and problematic skin, e.g. with acne.
*-30% of point value

Do not hesitate and take advantage of this unique offer today! Promotion valid until further notice or until stocks last

!!! Offers for points:
Make a purchase for 300 points or more and get a choice of:
  • Peptide Beauty Drink x 3 for 0,01 EUR / 0,01 GB
  • Peptide Physio Drink x 3 for  0,01 EUR / 0,01 GB
  • Peptide Beauty Drink x 2 + Peptide  Physio Drink x 1 for  0,01 EUR / 0,01 GB
  • Peptide Physio Drink x 2 + Peptide Beauty Drink x 1 for  0,01 EUR / 0,01 GB
  • Beauty Intensive Duo x 2 for  0,01 EUR / 0,01 GB
  • Lifting Face Cream x 3 for  0,01 EUR / 0,01 GB
  • Hyaluron Serum x 2 for  0,01 EUR / 0,01 GB
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