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Collagen Booster - on sale on now!

Collagen Booster is the newest dietary supplement from Nutrivi containing freeze-dried fish collagen with freeze-dried peas, supplemented with a natural amino acid-mineral complex made of fish bones.

Collagen is a protein that is the building block of skin, cartilage matrix (95%) and connective tissue, which is why we have added up to 200 mg of lyophilised collagen to Nutrivi Collagen Booster.

The raw material extracted from fish skins contains an exceptionally high amount of signal peptides.

Extracting water from the raw material using the freeze-drying method without using high temperatures causes the least change in its internal structure. The freeze-dried cells form a sponge-like structure and the cavities absorb moisture quickly when placed in water. This is particularly important for fish collagen, which contains delicate signal peptides.

Nutrivi Collagen Booster + Nutrivi Revicoll MAX = All the best from the fish.

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