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Cheers to your health! Boost your immunity with Nutrivi!

24.12.2018 (11:59 PM) the end of the promo action!

Face the infection, make sure to immunize yourself and your loved ones. Do not let yourself be weakened. Thanks to our new Nutrivi promotion, it will be extremely simple and effective.

Provide yourself with comprehensive supplementation featuring with Nutrivi Peptide Drinks. It is a second to none source of amino acids and fish collagen peptides, 100% natural, of the most absorbable source and essential vitamin C, silicon from natural plant extracts and the other active substances, depending on which drink you choose.

The offer includes Nutrivi:

  • Peptide Holistic Drink 1x750 ml -20%*
  • Peptide Holistic Drink 2x750 ml -20%*
  • Peptide Physio Drink 1x750 ml -20%*
  • Peptide Physio Drink 2x750 ml -20%*
  • Peptide Beauty Drink 1x750 ml -20%*
  • Peptide Beauty Drink 2x750 ml -20%*

And what's more - Nutrivi Good Life Day & Night 60 caps. -20%* - complementary, two-phased formula acts in harmony with organism’s circadian rhythm. It provides active substances that bring energy during the day and calm, as well as regenerate vital strength during the night. 

And Nutrivi Get Up 90 g - 20%* - a dietary supplement providing an organism with a complex of 8 group B vitamins, easily absorbable magnesium, L-arginine, and natural plant extracts.

*-20% of point value

Use it before we run out of something! Offer valid until called off or while the stock lasts!

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