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33% more of Omega 3! The new Revicoll MAX on sale now

Here it is, new Nutrivi Revicoll - a multifunctional diatery supplement that significantly supports the functioning of the circulatory system, cartilage, and skeleton. It contributes to accelerating processes of regeneration of fractures, injuries, and healing of wounds. It supports the correct functioning of the nervous system. Positively influences skin, hair and nails’ condition.

The preparation is a rich source of amino acids, peptides and fish collagen as well as vitamins A, D, E, K. The latter one, in the form of K2 MK-7 enables a proper absorption of the duet of vitamin D and calcium

New formula of the preparation: 33% more of Omega3 acids!

The new „MAX” formula of preparation means more than 33% content of fish oil and hence – an increased concentration of fatty acids Omega 3 that are essential for your health. One capsule of Revicoll MAX contains 400 mg of fish oil that holds as much as 240 mg Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) – long-chain fatty acids belonging to the essential unsaturated acids.

This means that already one capsule provides for the daily demand for the unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3, necessary for a proper functioning of organism.

Complementary and complete

It’s a complementary supplement of 100% natural origin, rich with the entire spectrum of synergically co-functioning minerals and trace elements that an organism is unable to synthesize on its own and has to supplement it. It contains the entire set of vitamins soluble in fat: A, D, E, K and the necessary, for the proper absorption, ‘drop of fat’ in the form of fish oil.

Buy new Nutrivi Revicoll MAX now! Take me to the shop >>> click here! 

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